Swiss Cooperation

This week the Swiss supermarket giant Coop has signed an agreement with Slow Food Switzerland for a collaboration aimed at endorsing ‘good, clean and fair’ products. They will work together over the next months to make an assortment of products in line with the Slow Food philosophy. The products will be available on Coop supermarket shelves by spring 2007.

Rafael Pérez, President of Slow Food Switzerland, states that, ‘First of all, products must be good for the palate. But we are also interested in how food is produced. It has to be clean, respectful of the environment, made in a sustainable way. We also care deeply about the social responsibility of the people who work in its production: we refute underage labour and we fight for fair treatment of all members of the productive chain’.

Involved with organic products, promoting local foods and encouraging fair trade for many years, Coop supermarkets are a natural ally for Slow Food. Jürg Peritz, a member of Coop’s board of directors, explained that what makes Coop different from other supermarket chains is that it has always believed in the added values of quality, variety and sustainability.

Source: Cooperazione

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