We Advocate for Good, Clean and Fair Food Worldwide

Food is political. Everyone should have access to good, clean and fair food. But this is not always the case. Our food systems are heavily shaped by policies decided by corporations and governments.

This is why advocacy matters, and why Slow Food is mobilizing for better food and farming policies. Slow Food ‘s advocacy work includes:

  1. Gathering evidence on what needs to change in our food systems and how that change can happen
  2. Supporting peasants and family farmers and consumers with clear information to understand their rights to adequate food
  3. Raising awareness about important food and farming issues
  4. Influencing decision makers within private and public sectors with regards to food
  5. Taking action to support laws and public policies that ensure good, clean and fair food for all.

Our advocacy goals, based on the Slow Food’s Call to Action:

  • Influence public institutions and the private business sector at every level in order to create policies and models that support fair and regenerative systems of production, distribution, marketing, consumption, and management of food loss.
  • Inform, involve, and mobilize individuals and communities to become advocates for the necessary transition to fair and sustainable policies;
  • Create alliances with other organizations and movements who are fighting for similar goals.


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