XXL On Trial

The Spanish Health Ministry’s crackdown on supersize hamburgers may soon be brought to the courtroom.

Burger King’s advertising campaign for the XXL range goes against a self-regulatory agreement signed by multinationals in Spain (including McDonald’s) for the prevention of obesity. In the accord, part of the NAOS (Nutrición, Actividad Física y prevención de la Obesidad) plan, the companies pledge to avoid encouraging consumption of extra large portions of food containing high amounts of fat.

The debate began a few weeks ago when the Ministry of Health asked the American fast food chain to halt the campaign as it violated the agreement. After Burger King’s refusal to comply the government threatened legal action and many consumer associations declared that they support the ministry’s decision.

On the other hand Burger King stated in a press release that it is working to promote a “balanced diet” and to decrease health risks associated with unhealthy eating. The company also stated that by advertising the XXL range it is merely promoting products that have been part of their menu for a long time.

Meanwhile the AESA (l’Agencia Española de Seguridad Alimentaria) has informed consumers on the hamburger’s nutritional content: one supplies half the calories and a third of the fat required daily by a teenager.

Source: El Pais

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