World Earth Day

EXCLUSIVE – Celebrated in 174 countries worldwide, World Earth Day – the international event established in 1970 by US senator Gaylord Nelson to promote greater awareness of environmental conservation – will take place tomorrow, April 22.

Today the global economy is growing at immeasurable speed, consequently fueling an increase in consumption, pollution, climate change and environmental degradation.

In view of this, all development policies must be sustainable and political campaigns aimed at reducing global consumption and gas emissions should be top priority. Individually, by reevaluating our daily behavior and use of resources we are all capable of making a considerable change.

According to the pioneer of modern ecology, Barry Commoner, World Earth Day provides an opportunity to make peace with the planet we live on. It is a day which symbolizes a collective environmental awareness, when everyone should make it their mission to share views with friends, family, neighbors and colleagues. The ultimate aim is to spread the message internationally and encourage governments and economies to react accordingly.

World Earth Day began in 1970 as an appeal for the need to protest in favor of environmental preservation. On that occasion, 20 million Americans responded.

Victoria Blackshaw
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