World Disco Soup Day 2018 is Almost Here!

 The big day is almost upon us!

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The incredible moment for (young) food activists to fight food waste all over the world, is almost here! World Disco Soup Day is this weekend! So far, we are expecting more than 90 events worldwide! Chefs, volunteers, activists, and farmers will collect, chop, cook and dance from Japan to India, from Denmark to the US! Before the parties are even starting, we will give you an understanding of what the day is going to look like, with this special overview of some of the unique and creative concepts!

Disco Soup 2018 – From small, empty-the-fridge parties, to a BIG, 3-day food rescue camp

There are amazing initiatives happening this year! From cozy, empty-the-fridge parties, to an extraordinary, 3-day food rescue camp. You can make your Disco Soup as big, or as small as you would like. The most important thing is that every saved piece of food counts and contributes to the fight!

Gathering of friends: empty the fridge!

by SFYN Rotterdam (Netherlands)



The initial idea, which they have since changed a bit, is a perfect disco soup for those who don’t have time to organize a big party, but still want to join and rescue food! It shows how easy it is to get involved and have a positive impact

The idea: get together with some friends and visit all their homes, in search for perfectly edible food, that’s about to go to waste! End in the house of a friend with the best kitchen and utensils, get creative and make a meal from all the leftovers that you’ve found.


Bring your own! Visitors bring leftover food & bowls

by Slow Food Manila (Philippines)



If you are not able to collect leftover food and gather enough bowls/plates, don’t let it stop you from hosting a disco soup. Do like Slow Food Manila does, you can make sure that your guests do not come empty handed! Make it a fun challenge:

“Check the expiry dates of all the food items in your house. If something is expiring in a month or so and you have no immediate plans for it… Come turn it into disco soup! And bring your own bowl (‘baso)! (BYOB)”

Iconic food location with zero-waste shop

By SFYN Birmingham ‘Brum’



This group is teaming up with their local Slow Food community, local producers and another food-waste fighter: The Real Junk Food Project Brum. Their location is a food Valhalla: inside a Custard Factory (only in the UK … 😉 ), packed with loads of other food shops and – soon – Birmingham’s first zero-waste shop, Cool! Connect for info…


A gastronomic disco soup

By SFYN Philippines



The Philippines team will be joined by 9 (!) local chefs, and together they will be cooking and preparing the whole day! One of them is Jam Melchor, leader of this network and part of the Philippine Culinary Heritage Movement.

This is a great idea if you’re insecure about your soup making skills or if you just want to have an extra culinary, gastronomic touch to your event! And it makes for a great picture to have everyone mouthwatering over delicious leftover food!


The young teaching the younger: a children’s party

By SFYN Mexico-city ‘CDMX’



In Mexico, the emphasis will be on the promotion of a more sustainable diet for children. Their event will therefore be kid-friendly, with special stands and activities for even the very young ones. This focus was chosen because the 29th is National Children’s day in Mexico! Connect for info…


A 3-day food rescue camping trip

By SFYN Uganda



Why only 1 day? Why not make an event out of all the preparation and then a day of reflection the day after? Well, in Uganda they’re getting ready for three whole days of Disco Soup! On Friday the whole group will start with discussions about food, followed by the collection of leftovers from the nearby markets. Saturday is for preparing and cooking the disco soup and on Sunday they will review and reflect on the weekend and food waste. We’re already looking forward to their opinions and conclusions! Connect for info..


You can still join us!

Even if you’re short on time, don’t have enough volunteers, can’t collect leftover food or just want to fight food waste without throwing a big party. Go for an empty the fridge party, (as described at the beginning of this article), put on some funky tunes, get your guitar and it’s a disco soup! If you want to go a bit bigger, have a look at our step-by-step video for help on how to make a disco soup event.


The World Disco Soup Day Taskforce Team


Still have a few questions? Contact your closest area coordinator!


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