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Alaskans Own is a select brand of seafood for discerning customers wanting tasty, healthy, sustainable seafood, but also wanting to investi in the future of wild Alaskan fisheries and in the artisanal fishing communities whose caring practices are vital to ocean health.

Alaskans Own seafood products are harvested by independent fishermen whose commitment to conservation is supported by the Alaska Sustainable Fisheries Trust, an innovative endeavor that combines the best in business with the best in conservation.

The Trust responds to intensifying pressure on wild fisheries and fishing families-from industrial fishing practices, inadequate regulation and lack of financing-that together threaten Alaska’s world class resources and coastal communities.

With funding from Alaskans Own, the Trust invests in coastal fishermen committed to sustainable harvesting practices and allows you, the consumer, to support this crucial work.

Through Alaskans Own, the Trust offers a better choice for consumers that benefits coastal fishermen, their communities and the marine resource that sustains us all.

Alaskans Own seafood is truly a good investment you can taste!

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