Slow Fish Genoa 

The Slow Fish event, held every 2 years in Genoa, is the most complete expression of our approach, with a large space dedicated to information for consumers, awareness raising for children, and meetings between people involved in sustainable fishing on every level. And of course, there are plenty of opportunities for visitors to taste all of the delicious seafood they have been learning about.  

The 2019 edition of Slow Fish was held in Genoa from May 9 to 12. “The Sea: A Common Good” was the theme of the ninth edition of the event, organized by Slow Food and the Region of Liguria. The focus was on positive messages and good practices that we can put in place to guarantee a better future, showing how consumers, fishers, cooks, policy makers, and scientists can each contribute to safeguarding the sea, a complex and delicate common good whose health depends on us taking care of it collectively. 

Download the PDF report here in ENG, ITA, ES, FR

Slow Fish events are: 

  • An opportunity to meet the fishing communities and fishmongers who provide us with good, clean and fair fish. 
  • A market for producers selected according to rigorous criteria. 
  • A space for discussions and workshops offering an in-depth look at artisanal fishing and aquaculture. Through these encounters, visitors can become inspired to engage in good practices. 
  • A chance to taste fish and seafood products of the highest quality. 
  • An array of activities for young visitors, schools, and families.
  • A chance to take classes on cooking sustainable fish, particularly underused species. 
  • An information campaign on what “good, clean and fair fish” means.  
  • A way to gain media attention from around the world, with hundreds of articles in the international press.

Around the world! 


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