PGS initiatives began to be piloted in three Presidia in 2018: Ogiek Honey in Ethiopia, Oaxaca Mixteca Agave in Mexico and Lucca Red Bean in Italy.

The first year of experimentation led to the writing of two case studies (one on the international Presidia and one on the Italian Presidium) in which the application of this type of quality certification initiative was analyzed on projects that previously had mostly relied on self-certification.

At the end of the pilot period, the participants felt that these systems offered an excellent way of providing the community of Presidium producers with a quality assurance tool at a low cost, a tool that also contributed to the development of shared skills, community building and information exchange between producers and consumers.


Earth Markets

PGS testing for the Earth Markets project began in 2022. The request to test this tool came from the network of Earth Market producers, consumers and organizers, in search of a management method through which to provide reliable assurance of the quality of products at the market.

With an initiative like a farmers’ market, creating a participatory strategy shared by a group of people who are ready to face any crisis together inevitably leads to greater resilience and sustainability.

Experimentation has begun at the Earth Market in Krakow, Poland.

Are you part of an Earth Market? Would you like to test and activate a PGS initiative in your Earth Market Community?

Check out the manual found in the Useful Materials section, the FAQs or write to us at: [email protected].


Slow Food Coffee Coalition

Since its start, the Slow Food Coffee Coalition network has aimed to support the creation of PGS initiatives to ensure good, clean and fair coffee produced by Coffee Coalition communities around the world. In this way, ownership of the certification process remains entirely at the local level, despite the length and complexity of the coffee production and sales chain.


Visit the Slow Food Coffee Coalition website to find out more.


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