Food systems face multiple challenges around the world.

Above all, the increase in the consumption of food of animal origin from factory farming and intensive fishing in recent decades has been detrimental to food security and human health, disastrous for animal welfare, and has contributed greatly to the climate emergency. An urgent change is necessary to respond to these multiple crises.

Our Vision

We envision a food system that rejects industrial food in favor of sustainable methods of food production transitioning towards healthy plant-rich diets that support agroecological farming and artisanal fishing.

Slow Food has long been promoting agroecology as the solution to the ills of the industrial food system. Agroecology offers a way to ensure universal access to diverse diets that are respectful of cultures, preserve biodiversity and natural resources, mitigate the climate crisis and restore the central role of farmers, fisher folks, food artisans, shepherds and Indigenous People in the agrifood system, promoting social justice and human rights.


Read the Report on our participatory process among farmers, fishers, food artisans, Indigenous Peoples, cooks, youth, educators and activists of the Slow Food network in English, Spanish and Italian.

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