Slow Food calls on all people in power to:

  1. Ensure everyone has access to good, clean and fair food

  2. Prioritize the needs of people, especially women, youth, indigenous people, and the most marginalized, over corporate interests

  3. Promote agroecology and support all farmers and fishers in the transition towards ecosystem-friendly production

  4. Support the development of shorter and more resilient food supply chains

  5. Radically transform the food system, which is a major cause of the climate crisis

  6. Commit to reducing the production and consumption of industrial animal products and promote sustainable farming systems

  7. Halve global food waste from farm to fork by 2030, in line with United Nations targets

  8. Protect and promote biodiversity in our waters, soil, seeds, and diets

  9. End world hunger and tackle all forms of malnutrition, including obesity

  10. Promote the right to healthy and sustainable food over the pursuit of economic growth


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