I am an individual and do not actually have an established business in my name, but I am the representative of a Slow Food Community. Can I apply to the Fund?

YES. The Slow Food Negroni Week Fund is open to individuals and organizations of all types, that prioritize and work close to the food, beverages and hospitality sector who intend to carry out activities in line with the goals of the fund and with Slow Food principles. In particular we target those who are committed with their community and environment to achieving change in local food and beverage systems by adopting more sustainable and inclusive practices. Explain how your project contributes to the development of your community and who are the final beneficiaries.

What is meant with “hospitality sector”?

The Slow Food Negroni Week Fund intends to prioritize initiatives that can positively affect food and beverage system, and in particular those who work with/in the hospitality sector (restaurants, bar, catering, hotels, cooks, …) or with the hospitality sector. For this reason, we recommend you to indicate on the application form if you work in the hospitality sector and how your project contributes to create a more good, clean and fair system.

That said, the Fund is open to all kinds of projects and subjects, as long as they affect food, beverage and hospitality sector and they are in line with the goals of the fund and are consistent with Slow Food’s values. This is because the Fund intends to give voice and visibility to those projects that are capable of making a strong impact on local communities around the world.

Do the projects have to be somehow connected with Negroni Week or involve Campari/Imbibe magazine?

Your project does not have to be related to the Negroni Week event, to Campari/Imbibe magazine or specifically to the bar sector. The Slow Food Negroni Week Fund is open to individuals and organizations of all types that prioritize and work closely with the food, beverage, and/or hospitality sector and who intend to carry out activities in line with the goals of the fund and with Slow Food principles.

Is the funding coming from Slow Food or from Campari/Imbibe? 

The entity that will give direct support through the grants will be Slow Food. The funds come from donations received by Slow Food during the 2022 Negroni Week, a global fundraising initiative presented by Imbibe to promote the power of food, beverages, and hospitality.

What type of projects get funded? 

This is the first time Slow Food Negroni Week Fund has been developed. Slow Food has decided not to be too restrictive regarding selection criteria because we want to inspire creativity in the development of project ideas. There are many paths to achieve good, clean and fair food for all, and the fund is designed to support all of them.

What is meant by “new” and “continuing” projects?

The Slow Food Negroni Week Fund will support in particular those projects that support and promote quality food and beverage in every corner of the planet, helping on the one hand the world of production that preserves cultural and biological diversity, and on the other hand consumer education and knowledge exchange. Projects might be “continuing” as t the proposed activities are part of an already existing and well-established framework. New projects instead refer to the implementation and development of brand new initiatives.

Although the proposed project is part of a larger project (“continuing”), applicants are asked to specify  what are the activities – and costs – that will be covered by the Fund. Both project description and budget must be related to these specific activities.

My community has already secured partial funding to carry out the project. Can I still apply for contribution to the Slow Food Negroni Fund?

YES, but please consider that the Slow Food Negroni Week Fund cannot cover expenses that have already been covered by other funding. The Slow Food Negroni Week Fund can co-finance the overall budget, but applicants must specify how the funding will be used.

Example: Your large project costs US$100,000 and has already secured funds for 90.000 USD, you can apply for a maximum amount of 10,000 USD, specifying which activities and costs it will be used for.

In which languages can I fill out the application form?

Applications should preferably be submitted in ENGLISH. In consideration of the broad number of countries involved, application can be submitted also in Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian. You can choose the application language in the top right menu.

What are the eligible countries of the Slow Food Negroni Week Fund?

The Slow Food Negroni Week Fund is open to individuals and organizations of all types around the word. This means that all countries are eligible countries.

Should you require any additional information, you can contact [email protected]

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