In September 2022, Slow Food was chosen as the official giving partner of Negroni Week, a global fundraising initiative presented by Imbibe and Campari to promote the power of food, beverage, and hospitality.

Slow Food and Negroni Week joined forces to promote common values of cultivating community, fostering equity and justice, and seeking a better world for all through food and beverage.


Can we change the world through food and beverage? We believe we can!

With this partnership, we envision a world where everyone can enjoy food and beverage that are good for them, good for the people who grow and make them, and good for the planet.

Our approach is rooted in  Slow Food values, mainly working to:

Empower the development of local food systemsCreate resilient systems that regenerate the Earth’s precious resources rather than deplete them


Support economies based on solidarity and cooperation that benefit and empower all food workers and consumers



Advance social equity through fair working conditions and inclusivity of all peoples, ethnicities and genders.



Projects will contribute to the international strategic goals of Slow Food: defend cultural and biological diversity, promote food and beverage education and the transfer of traditional knowledge and skills, and advocate for more sustainable food policies.

Why Slow Food and Negroni Week?

Negroni Week has long been rooted in philanthropy and community support through the celebration of togetherness around the Negroni. In 2022, in the framework of the Negroni Week, Imbibe and Campari selected Slow Food as its charitable giving partner for Negroni Week, directing all funds raised toward the vast and diverse networks and programs within the movement.. This partnership nourishes heritage and local diversity to support emerging leaders and solutions for the future.

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