Empathy can be learned from an early age, as long as adults know how to set virtuous examples, and encourage children to recognize their own emotions and those of those around them.

The Slow Food Heroes project tells the stories of some of these virtuous adults and can offer a valuable lesson: that we must not become discouraged in difficult times, but on the contrary we must take heart, roll up our sleeves and try to do something good for ourselves and for others.

On this page you will find some of the stories told by the project reformulated for an audience of age 8 to 13. These stories, in addition to recounting the experiences of the protagonists, also explore some important concepts of the Slow Food philosophy, such as shorter supply chains, the Cooks’ Alliance and more.

Food remains the focus of every story, the starting point for sharing a unique moment in human history and helping those in need.

The invitation to parents and teachers is to read and discuss these experiences with their children. This should inspire future actions of solidarity in the adults of tomorrow, and teach children how, even in times of adversity, there is strength in unity, and that we can find inspiration to do good.




For more information, please write to [email protected]



Slow Food Heroes is a project financed by European Cultural Foundation, with the contribution of CRC Foundation.
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