LACTIMED aims to foster the production and distribution of typical and innovative dairy products in the Mediterranean by organising local value chains, supporting producers in their development projects and creating new markets for their products. From November 2012 to May 2015, ANIMA and its 11 partners will organise a hundred operations targeting the various stakeholders of the dairy chains of 5 pilot territories in Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, Italy, Greece.

Activities: Diagnosis of the dairy chains and adoption of local strategies for promoting typical dairy products in national and international markets

Integration of local dairy chains and creation of producers’ clusters

Enhancement of production and innovation capacities, based on local resources and traditional know-how, by supporting local producers in their development projects

Increased visibility and distribution of Mediterranean typical dairy products in local and international markets

Activation of the Mediterranean dairy clusters’ network


Micro, small and medium enterprises of the dairy sector

Supporting organisations

Agro-industrial groups

Small, medium and large retailers

Tourism and catering operators

National and local authorities


Project Closed/Ongoing: The project is closed




Greece: University of Thessaly, UHCCI

Italy: ASTER, Slow Food

Lebanon: CCIAZ

Tunisia: Bizerte Cluster

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