The project intended to connect with European schools in order to disseminate tools to raise-awareness about CAP (the EU Common Agricultural Policy), in particular about the European-wide initiatives that can be utilized within communities to improve school canteens and food service.

The main project activities were:

– the organization of events in all 10 countries directed at school operators, families and food producers

– the production and the diffusion of the sensory awareness tool-kit “To the origin of taste”

– the reinforcement of the “European Schools for Healthy Food” network

The project involved schools in Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Northern Ireland and Spain.

Objectives: The project overall objective was to promote the consumption of healthy fresh food in school canteens and among school children while informing primarily schools and the main stakeholders involved (families, consumers, schools canteen services; private and public bodies in charge of education policy, etc.) about the support given by CAP and in particular by the EU “School Fruit Scheme” and “School Milk Scheme”.

Results: All schools participating in the project received Slow Food’s taste education kit which include the ‘To the Origins of Taste’, a guide for developing educational activities that stimulate the senses and encourage students and adults alike to better understand their food, from its taste qualities to its origin and production methods. Schools were also encouraged to improve the quality and sustainability of their canteen service and evaluate the management of the canteen in different areas; e.g. supply, storage, preparation, service and waste. A social network website allowed schools to get in touch by providing a place for them to post photos and videos in addition to sharing information on the progress of their learning.

Target: The target groups included stakeholders such as families, consumers, school canteen services, and also the private and public bodies in charge of education policy.

Project Closed/Ongoing: Closed. The project began in May 2010 and set to end in April 2011.

Partners: Convivium Slow Food “Les Saveurs de Silly” (FR), Association of Slow Food Convivia in Bulgaria (BU), Convivium Slow Food “Clare” (IRLAND), Comune di Bagno a Ripoli, Provincia di Firenze (IT), Stowarzyszenie Oswiatowe “Twoja Szkola”, Elementary school gymnasium (POLAND), ASOCIATIA EUROCARTA-Asociatie pentru Integrare Europeana (ROMANIA), Asociatia Slow Food Turda (ROMANIA), Slow Food France (FR), Convivium Slow Food Riga (LETTONIA), SpouncerECOLOGY (Northern Ireland), Convivium Insula Barataria Slowfood de Zaragoza (SP).

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