To the Origins of Taste


This kit provides a sensory education course, available in twelve languages, to complement the taste education activities being organized by Terra Madre communities, Slow Food convivia and people who would like to train their senses to recognize quality food. It can be used for groups of all sizes and ages, such as in the classroom or for a family who wishes to try some of the exercises with their children. The course is made up of three parts:



Recounted by school children and some nice animations, the video illustrates how the sensory organs function and the exercises that can be done to train and use them with awareness.


Six stations to begin exercising the actual senses: taste, sight, smell, touch, hearing and a final poly-sensorial station. Through hands-on games providing conveniently selected products for each encounter, participants are able to get up-close with the sensoriality of food.


The time to experiment with the real capacity of the senses. This tasting in particular is a poly-sensorial experience based on tasting three types of apples and three types of chocolates.




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