We Sustain Beauty

Slow Food is proudly part of We Sustain Beauty, Davines’ first global social-environmental initiative that takes climate action through biodiversity & regenerative organic agriculture.

Aimed to globally engage salons and consumers alike, Davines is launching a limited-edition shampoo and body wash, featuring both regenerative organic and Slow Food Presidium ingredients. This is a symbolic gesture of Davines’ efforts to evoke change and elevate the conversation around regenerative organic agriculture in the beauty space and beyond.

The partnership

2014 marked the start of Slow Food’s partnership with Davines, with the common goal of preserving biodiversity by supporting small-scale producers who cultivate native plants at risk of extinction. In 2021, this partnership was expanded to include Rodale Institute, who are leaders in the regenerative organic movement through research, farmer training, and consumer education.

This limited-edition shampoo and body wash, featuring both regenerative organic and Slow Food Presidium ingredients, is enriched with special ingredients that are not only active, but activists! In addition to being rich in benefits for the skin and hair, they raise awareness on the issue of soil, biodiversity and regenerative agriculture.

Green aniseed extract: Rich in sugars and carbohydrates for added moisture. The active ingredient comes from the Slow Food Presidium farm of Mr. Corradetti in Castignano, Ascoli Piceno, Italy.

Barbera Grape Pomace extract: Rich in tartaric acid, it leaves the skin soft and the hair shiny and hydrated. The regenerative organic activist ingredientTM comes from Vigna Cunial, a certified organic vineyard and farm in Traversetolo, Parma, Italy.
An upcycled waste product of the wine making process, it is the first ingredient cultivated in collaboration with the groundbreaking Davines Group – Rodale Institute European Regenerative Organic Center, located at the Davines Group Village in Parma, Italy.

It all starts with the soil: an invitation to make our voices heard

Through We Sustain Beauty, Davines has also written a letter of support, inviting all of us to sign to add our voice to support the FAO’s international agro-ecological initiatives, adding emphasis on the importance of regenerative biological practices. This short and impactful action amplifies the message that it is imperative that the definition of agendas and actions to address climate change and food uncertainty include practices that allow diverse biological ecosystems and communities to thrive. This can only be done from the roots, placing the voices of local farmers and civil society at the center.

Through We Sustain Beauty, we gratefully acknowledge Davines’ direct support on safeguarding our collective cultural and biological diversity: local Slow Food projects around the world which support small-scale producers, promote education and protect food products at risk of extinction.

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