Vote for Change

The work being done by the Slow Money organization to launch an international investment movement with a focus on supporting local food systems has been named a finalist in the ‘Ideas for Change in America’ national competition. Voting is now underway to select the top ten most promising ideas for their country, which will be presented to the Obama Administration and supported to help them turn into reality.

In January and February, more than 2,500 ideas were submitted to the competition organized by, a social entrepreneurship venture aiming to raise awareness about various causes. 100,000 votes have been cast so far and Slow Money is currently placed at number 21 among 62 finalists. Voting closes on March 12 and the organization is calling for anyone concerned about a sustainable future to cast their vote before the deadline.

Founded by Woody Tasch, a pioneer in merging investing and philanthropy, Slow Money is a non-profit organization dedicated to the concept of investing in small food enterprises and local food systems as a way to save the economy and the planet. The organization believes in building a more sustainable future through investing in local communities by supporting local family farmers and sustainable food ventures.

“If we invest just 1% of [our assets] in local food instead of Wall Street gimmicks, we’d grow carrots instead of derivatives, beets instead of bonuses”, said a spokesperson for the organization. “We’d create a thriving economy that makes real, healthy food, instead of a fake one that just makes money for bankers. Let’s invest our money where our food is.”

Click here to vote for Slow Money in “Ideas for Change in America”.

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