Vignerons d’Europe

Thousand of winegrowers from around Europe will meet and discuss the future of European wine this weekend at the second edition of Vignerons d’Europe, the Slow Food event to be held in Tuscany. Conviviality, sustainability and network will be the keywords for the 2009 edition, with vignerons, bottlers, merchants, experts and journalists coming together to discuss environmental, social and economic sustainability, as well as the quality of European wine production.

With the European wine industry today facing economic difficulties and a crisis of identity, there is a proliferation of meetings, market research, parliamentary commissions and reform projects occuring at the European level. However, the voice of producers is absent from much of this. Vignerons d’Europe will focus on the experiences and opinions of winemgrowers, providing them with a venue to exchange points of view and practical experiences on how to renew quality European winegrowing and winemaking,

Sustainability will be a central focus of the event, with winegrowers to discuss climate change and pollution, and how to reduce the sector’s environmental impact in general. Participants will also develop a document to be presented in the final session of proceedings to send a clear and strong message to European politicians and consumers.

The event will close with the Vignerons d’Europe Market on Monday December 7 in Florence, where the participating vignerons’ wines will be available for tasting and purchase in a unique and authentic opportunity.

Vignerons d’Europe will be held in Tuscany from December 5 to 7, 2009.

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