Urgent call to eat these products: Slow Food the Netherlands launches the Ark of Taste book

Official book launch June 27

After months of hard work, the time has come: the book ‘The Ark of Taste in the Netherlands’ is out now. The book is a cry for help. A call for everyone to help maintain our gastronomic heritage. And guess what? Helping is easier (and tastier) than you might expect. ‘The Ark of Taste in the Netherlands’ will be launched coming Sunday June 27th, with a small online presentation led by Maarten Kuiper, coordinator of the project.

An ode to the gastronomic riches and agro-biodiversity of the Netherlands

The Ark of Taste is a catalogue of small scale food products and preparation methods from all across the world, that are at risk of disappearing. A hundred Ark products, multiple recipes of chefs, interviews, and essays: the Dutch Ark of Taste book is an ode to the gastronomic riches and agro-biodiversity of the Netherlands. The Drenthe Heath Sheep, Saint John’s Onion, Brabant Bellefleur Apple, Limburg Syrup and much more. With the book Slow Food celebrates that these beautiful products and preparation methods are part of the Dutch gastronomic heritage. Slow Food the Netherlands shows that the Dutch culinary heritage is widely applicable, and not just in Dutch dishes. Nadia Zerouali makes a couscous with the Sweet Gray Pea and the Yellow Butter Turnip, and Nel Schellekens shows how to put the most delicious roast Twentse Goose on the table. That is the way in which everyone can help maintain the Dutch agro-biodiversity: cook, eat, share.

Book launch June 27, 2021

On Sunday June 27th, 2021 from 14:30 to 15:30 (CEST) there will be an official presentation of the book (online). The presentation will be viewable on the YouTube channel of Slow Food the Netherlands, and will be held exclusively in Dutch. In the presentation, Slow Food will explain how the book came to be. Furthermore, Slow Food will explain once more why it is so important that this book exists, en what you can do with it. The presentation will be a milestone: the products have been categorised, and now we must go forward. This book is just the beginning. Slow Food will address the action te be taken, and how people can help.


Buying the book

The book ‘De Ark van de Smaak in Nederland’ (The Ark of Taste in the Netherlands) is available through the webshop of Slow Food the Netherlands and at local bookstores throughout the country. At present, the book is only available in Dutch.




Availability of Ark of Taste products

Slow Food the Netherlands wants to motivate everyone to start eating, and to start cooking with Ark of Taste products. Through the online platform ‘Kies Lokaal’, people can access a map of the Netherlands on which they can see where Ark of Taste products are produced and where they are sold. The coming months, Slow Food will work on further expanding this platform, to enthuse more and more people about the Dutch gastronomic heritage. Furthermore, Slow Food will organise an organic market on Sunday, the 4th of July from 11:00 to 17:00. On this market, people can get acquainted with Ark products and their producers: the keepers of the gastronomic heritage.

Copy of the book at request for reviews: Walburg pers
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About Walburg Pers (publisher)

The book ‘De Ark van de Smaak in Nederland’ is published by Walburg Pers. This publisher is specialised in high quality and accessible non-fiction for a general audience. At Walburg Pers, content quality and customer focus are central, and design receives special attention.

About drukkerij Tuijtel (printing house)

Books about sustainability are not necessarily printed in the most sustainable way. In order to also work in a ‘good, clean and fair’ way in the printing of this book, Slow Food the Netherlands looked for a partner at which sustainability is central. Slow Food found that partner i

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