Two Useful Things to Do Next Week

The European Commission is inviting people to participate in a two-day conference entitled, “Soil remediation and soil sealing” that it will host in Brussels on May 10 and 11, 2012.

The conference will underline how addressing contaminated sites and brownfields can be helpful in limiting land take and soil sealing, which is happening in many parts of Europe at alarming rates, often at the expense of fertile agricultural lands. In this context, the Commission will present the recently published Soil Sealing Guidelines that aim to spread best practice across member states.

For further information, registration and an updated programme, please click here.

While we focus on several other subjects, however, we never forget that the new CAP is underway. In this context there is a new petition to sign, to make our voices heard at the European Commission.
You can read about it, and sign it here.

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