Tourism for Tomorrow

The four winners of the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards were announced at the 6th Global Travel and Tourism Summit held in Washington DC on April 11-12. The yearly Summit is a meeting of travel and tourism businesses, cabinet ministers, senior government officials and journalists from all over the world.

The awards were nominated as follows:

Destination Award – Sierra Gorda, Mexico
Conservation Award – Campi ya Kanzi, Kenya
Investor in People Award – Hotel Punta Islita, Costa Rica
Global Tourism Business Award – Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Canada

Among the initiatives shortlisted was Crete’s Culinary Sanctuaries, the brainchild of Nikki Rose, a regular contributor to Slow Food publications.

A panel of six judges led by Costas Christ, president of the Adventure Council and world expert on sustainable tourism, selected the winners by on-site evaluations of their practices in tourism development.

‘How tourism grows and develops is of great consequence to our environment and to the people whose lives its growth will impact,’ said Christ in a speech to attending delegates. ‘The Earth’s natural and cultural heritage must be maintained if future generations are going to benefit from travel and tourism as an opportunity for economic development and social well-being. The 2006 Tourism for Tomorrow Award winners are demonstrating to the world that sustainable tourism practices can be a part of business success.’

The Global Travel & Tourism Summit
Tourism for Tomorrow

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