To the Victims of the Garissa University Attack

On April 2, Al-Shabaab militants stormed into the Garissa University College in Kenya, killing at least 147 people and injuring close to 100, the deadliest attack yet by the Somali Islamist terrorist group. At Slow Food, our hearts go out the victims of the attack, their families, and the country that has long been such an important part of our worldwide network.


Slow Food has been active in Kenya for many years and just last month launched a national association. In the last few years, the Slow Food network in the country has developed a strong youth presence, added 34 products to the Ark of Taste, established seven Slow Food Presidia and created 219 food gardens as part of our 10,000 Gardens in Africa project.


John Kariuki, coordinator of Slow Food’s activities in Kenya and Vice-President of the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity, was devastated to hear the news. “It is so disheartening to see another cowardly attack by Al-Shabaab,” he said. “As a young Kenyan and member of the Slow Food Youth Network, yesterday was one of the darkest days in Kenyan history. We lost innocent young people full of energy, enthusiasm and ambitions for a better future. Such a ferocious attack against students and young people is an attack against the future of the country.”


Our thoughts are with the bereaved families during this difficult time.

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