The Slow Way Down

Chef Barny Haughton of the Bordeaux Quay in Bristol, UK, is currently planning his trip to Torino, Italy, for Terra Madre: the world meeting of food communities taking place from October 23-27. This is no ordinary journey, however, as Barny will be undertaking the tough task of getting from Bristol to Torino … by bicycle.

Barny’s aim is to promote food education as the answer to some of the environmental and economic problems we face across the world, many of which stem from food, its provenance and production.

The two-wheel trip will take Barny from Bristol, to Paris, across France through Burgundy, the Auvergne and Provence, across the Alps to Bra and finally Torino, stopping off along the way at farmhouses, artisan producers, markets, restaurants and wineries who share the principles of good, clean and fair food production.

The motivation behind 1,500km bike ride is to raise funds for the Cookery School at the Bordeaux Key which works closely with the local schools and community to promote local, seasonal and sustainable agriculture.

Hopes are to raise £20,000 ($30,000) for the Community Food Education Programme which encompasses a wide variety of food-based projects in schools and community groups in and around Bristol.

Barny is an active member of the Slow Food movement and has been campaigning for a more sustainable approach to food production for many years now. In his opinion ‘the relationship between sustainable agriculture and sustainable food culture proves that the principles of the organic and Slow Food movements provide radical and positive solutions to the challenges facing the future of food’. He also attended Terra Madre in 2006 as a delegate chef.

Slow Food wishes Barny the best of luck.

For more information or to make a donation please contact:
Claire Allen on +44 117 904 6679

Bordeaux Quay
Cookery School

Photo: Bordeaux Quay

Victoria Blackshaw
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