The 2nd edition of “Slow Rice” Wenzhou (China) is coming!

The Wenzhou area has a long tradition of rice cultivation and a rich culture related to rice food and rice wine. Following last year’s successful experience, from the 12-14 November 2021, the Wenzhou Slow Food Community will hold the 2nd edition of “Slow Rice” Wenzhou in the same location, the village of Qiansha, Qidu Island, Wenzhou City.

With the construction of the “New Gourmet” community as symbol, the holding of the “Slow Rice Market” as carrier, and the building of the “Slow Food Village” as direction, the event will jointly launch the “Slow Food – Slow Life” series of themed activities, such as the “Small Rice Farmers” (primary school students), the “Small Gourmets” and the “Islanders’ Vegetable Garden”, and continue to promote the Ark of Taste and doing every effort possible to promote rural revitalization, cultural tourism development and the biodiversity heritage of the area.


As warm-up activities directed to the youngest, we will hold “Small Rice Farmers” – students harvesting rice in the paddy fields of the village – and the “Wenzhou Model Youth United Nations Conference” (November 7), on the theme “To promote the establishment of a list of actions for a better nourishment” – FAO System Summit “Strategic Framework for 2021-2033” (2021-9-23, New York).

The main focus of “Slow Rice” 2021 will be the construction of a “New Gourmets” community, based on the ideals of the Slow Food International Movement, with a series of activities: food prepared with Qidu Island products, traditional local recipes, ethnic cuisine (She Minority), creative cuisine, and conferences on food safety, rice culture and cultivation in the Wenzhou area and medicinal food.

As far as the “Slow Rice” Market is concerned, it will focus on green rice, bio-rice, mountain-rice, alkaline (sea)-rice, small-scale planting rice, traditional rice and other high-quality rice; traditional rice products such as rice cakes, rice noodles, fried rice and dried noodles; rice wine, rice liquor, sake and other traditional wines with rice as raw material; local, seasonal agricultural products and high-quality ingredients processed by traditional methods; high-quality agricultural products listed in the geographical indication of “Ouyue Fresh Breeze”; Intangible Cultural Heritage food; medicinal food, traditional medical recipes and other healthy foods. In the live broadcasting and delivery area, internet celebrities will engage in live delivery of traditional agricultural products. We will have local music performances (“mountain’s songs” and accordion concerts), a rock and roll band, and free impromptu music.

As final activity, on November 14 (World Rice Day), we will hold the online forum “Rice Culture and its Social Influence”, with representatives from Mainland China, China Taiwan, Italy, Japan and South Korea.


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