Terra Madre Events: What did you miss in February

Here you are a list of videos of Terra Madre Forums, Conferences, Trainings that took place in February.

If you haven’t already, check out the wealth of knowledge and useful reflections emerging from the Slow Food movement worldwide.

We also invite you to share these videos with your network and your wider community, wherever you may be!

>> The health of the planet and the people
Available in Italian and in English

>> Pulses, food of the future
Available in Italian and in English

>> The FAO Programme on Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) for sustainable rural development
Available in English

>> Pastoralist, examples to protect traditions and biodiversity
Available in English

>> Let’s educate the senses to biodiversity
Available in English, Russian and Azerbaijani

>> Soil and food: no-soil tomatoes and lab-grown meat
Available in English, French and Italian

>> Improve your skills: how to build a successful campaign
Available in English and in French


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