Terra Madre Day 2012

In 2009 in celebration of its 20th birthday, Slow Food launched an idea to the network: to celebrate your local food on the same day, whoever and wherever you are, in whatever way you want. With no restrictions on how to celebrate, limited only by the confines of your imaginations, we weren’t sure what to expect.

Then came the big day, December 10, and the results were astounding – an anti-fast food rally in Bangladesh, a tree planting ceremony in Kenya, a ‘locavore’ cooking contest in Canada, a long table against GMOs in Germany, a photo exhibition in India, an eat-in in London and more than 1,000 others involving more than 100,000 people in every corner in the world. The Slow Food network had stepped up to the challenge.

Three years on, Terra Madre Day is now a fixture on the international Slow Food calendar with more and more people getting involved and getting creative.. Slow Food convivia, Terra Madre communities and our supporters look forward to creating another opportunity to enjoy coming together to celebrate local food and to seeing what the rest of the world is doing simultaneously. It is also our opportunity to demonstrate the philosophy of good, clean and fair food to communities, media and decision makers as a united movement.

Once again this year, we invite you to join the festivities. Find an event near you or create one of your own, as simple or complex, big or small as you wish. Together we’ll shout our message to world: a global revolution grows from local roots.

Check out the Terra Madre Day website to find out more, get inspiration from past editions, download graphics and register your event.

Let’s get ready to celebrate!

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