Terra Madre Brazil: Six Days Celebrating Socio-Diversity

Family farmers and peasants, Indigenous Peoples, traditional communities, educators and researchers, civil society organizations, cooks, and opinion leaders, all united in the debates over biodiversity and food culture of Brazil.

The online version of this food culture festival was a great challenge for the Slow Food network in Brazil, which is used to warm personal exchanges between producers and consumers. But public engagement overcame geographical barriers and provided human warmth in the Round Tables, Dialogues, Taste Workshops and Artistic Presentations that reached more than 200,000 people from every corner of the country.


“The generosity of the participants in sharing knowledge, the quality of the debates, the participation of the public from different corners of Brazil, representing different segments of civil society… all these aspects exceeded our expectations. The depth of knowledge exchange and the production of content disseminated, nationally and internationally, is an invaluable asset for the development of the Slow Food Brasil network and partner organizations.”

Valentina Bianco, coordinator of the Slow Food association in Brazil, the organization responsible for organizing Terra Madre Brazil 2020.

In homage to Black Awareness Day, the program of the 20th of November featured participation from representatives of Afro-Brazilian culture, especially women.

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