Terra Madre 2006

Terra Madre, the second world meeting of Food Communities, is to be held in Turin over October 26-30, concurrently with Salone del Gusto. The meeting will bring together diverse representatives of food and agriculture production from around the world, to discuss the complex nature of producing good quality food on a small scale – paying attention to responsible use of natural resources, the sensory qualities of the product, the fair treatment of workers and consumer health.

The event is centered around producers, cooks and scientists, with 150 different nations to be represented by around 5000 representatives of 1500 food communities, 1000 cooks and 400 university researchers and professors; all involved in constructive dialogue.

Representatives of the entities involved in the organization of Terra Madre were present at the presentation: Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Italian Cooperation for Development – Ministry of External Affairs, Piedmont Region, City of Turin and Slow Food.

There were also interviews scheduled with the Mayor of Turin, a professor from one of the Universities involved in the initiative, a Turin trained cook, as well as a volunteer, who brings, together with the many other volunteers, an indispensable contribution to the success of the event.

Terra Madre

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