Street Food at Terra Madre

At Salone del Gusto/Terra Madre 2008 (Turin, October 23-27), a special corridor, Towards Terra Madre will connect the two events as one, from Lingotto Fiere to the Oval arena. As they walk along it, visitors will be able to help themselves to snacks from Street Food stalls. Here we’re talking about the real thing! Proper fast food, the kind Slow Food likes. An expression of cultural diversity and age-old tradition. Italy will be present with a host of delicacies: from panino ca’ meusa (spleen roll), arancini (fried rice balls filled with meat sauce) and cannoli by Focacceria S. Francesco of Palermo in Sicily to cheese focaccia from Recco in Liguria; from the traditional piadina of Romagna courtesy of the Slow Food Cesena Convivium to the famous bombette (stuffed pork faggots) of Puglia, presented by the Slow Food Alberobello Convivium (Bari), classic fried calamari in brown paper from the Riviera del Brenta Convivium in the Veneto and tripe sandwich by the Terra Madre community of tripe butchers in Florence, a great Tuscan favorite. Eastern specialties, such as falafel and shoarma from Iraqi Kurdistan, and fish and meat kebabs from China will also be on offer.

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