Slow Motion

Slow Food Nova Scotia today opens their inaugural ‘Slow Motion Food Film Fest’- a film festival all about food. The weekend-long event is featuring eleven cinematic screenings covering a wide variety of food-related topics, from all corners of the globe, including Denmark, Italy, New Zealand, UK, USA, and Nova Scotia.

The films cover a range of genres, from the purely entertaining and beautiful Babette’s Feast to the informative and provocative children’s film What’s on Your Plate; from the classic Italian-made Tree of Wooden Clogs to the recent hard-hitting documentary The End of the Line. Filipino film director Ferdinand Dimura will be present for the screening of his short film Chicken a la Carte, which was awarded at a past edition of the international festival Slow Food on Film.

“This festival celebrates the diversity of agricultural activity and production in Nova Scotia,” said the event organizers. “The festival venue, the Annapolis Valley, is known for its culture, food, and wines”. Complementary events include opening and closing ceremonies, an opening gala, school lunch demonstration, a wine-tasting, a farmers’ market, panel discussions, and a harvest dinner.

Food and film are also the celebration of choice for two events in the USA this weekend. The Charlston convivium is holding an Italian film festival featuring five movies, all of which explore a different aspect of food. The event will include a panel discussion with two delegates who attended the Terra Madre world meeting of food communities in 2008. In Honolulu, The Cinema Italiano film festival is featuring a program of shorts curated by the directors of the Bologna based Slow Food on Film festival.

For more information about Slow Food Nova Scotia’s Slow Motion Food Film Fest

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