Slow Food, Twenty Years

In 2009 Slow Food celebrated 20 years of the international association. Since its beginnings in Italy in the mid 1980’s Slow Food has grown into a vast network spread acoss 150 countries, with more than 100,000 members.

Slow Food organizes activities, projects and events all around the world, at all levels – by the convivia (local chapters) at the community level and by Slow Food bodies regionally and at the global level – on four key themes: food education, protecting food biodiversity, developing networks and short food chains.

The Terra Madre network was launched by Slow Food in 2004 to give a voice to small scale farmers and food producers as well as cooks, students, educators and others who are working to improve the food system. Terra Madre meetings are held at the global, regional and local level.

Terra Madre Day was held this December 10 on the occasion of Slow Food’s 20th birthday, and more than 1000 events were organized by communities across 120 countries to promote ‘eating locally’ and sustainable food production. Slow Food convivia, Terra Madre food communities and other organizations supporting good, clean and fair local food came ogether in collective meals, community festivals, protests, workshops for children, excursions to producers and much more, demonstrating the Slow Food network’s breadth, inclusivity and diversity.

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