Slow Food on Film…and the winners are…

The 2nd edition of the event in Bologna showcases works from around the world.

The film that shocked the American food industry, Food, Inc., earned top honors at Slow Food on Film and took home with Golden Snail for the best full-length documentary. Directed by Robert Kenner, Food, Inc, takes a critical look at the secretive American food industry and exposes many truths that have long been hidden from public view.

The prize for the best short documentary went to Hungarian filmmaker Sandor Mohi and his film Imádság(The Prayer). His short film documents the final fives years of the lives of two elderly Hungarian farmers and was praised by members of the international jury “capturing the profound humanity of the protagonists through seizing on simple emotions that expressed their pain. It rendered us as participants in their lives and showed their striking relationship with the earth.”

Thé Noir (Black Tea), a French film, by filmmaker Serge Elissalde took home the award for short animated film of the year. It was touted by the judges to be “ An original film with an elegant style, that fascinates filmgoers and is full of powerful symbolism; while not lacking a certain irony and closely representing dramatic everyday realities.”

The international jury also selected Gianni De Gregorio’s Pranzo di Ferragosto as the best full length animated film, and “Report” by Milena Gabanelli as this year’s best television series.

The 2nd edition of Slow Food on Film proved to be very successful having received over 270 entries from 25 different countries, and over 5.000 visitors. It demonstrates how the international voice of the Slow Food movement is growing and “Slow Food on Film” has proven to be yet another successful manifestation of the larger movement.

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