Slow Food Netherlands launches a Calendarium Culinarium to support the consumption of local & seasonal produce

Inspired by the successful project of Slow Food Switzerland and Slow Food Youth Network Switzerland, Slow Food Netherlands developed a calendarium culinarium (culinairy calendar), to support consumers to buy, cook and eat locally sourced and in-season fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy.

The calendar showcases over forty detailed and hand drawn illustrations, and contains a dozen of tasty cooking tips for both chefs as well as for home cooks.

Promoting the richness of Dutch produce
The unique calendar supports consumers to discover the richness of Dutch produce. It shows produce of the Ark of Taste, such as, among others, the ‘Brabant Bellefleur’ (apple), the ‘Stellendamse garnaal’ (shrimp), the ‘Rhubarb Red Champagne’ (rhurarb), and ‘Boeren Leiden Traditioneel’ (raw milk cheese). Besides, detailed illustrations of these traditional products, a seasonal format was added to each illustration as to help cooks choose in-season produce. As such, Slow Food Netherlands aims to protect and preserve biodiversity and culinary variety.

Supporting the use of seasonal produce
Each product on the calendar has a great story to tell, which is shortly captured on the back of the calendar. It informs cooks about the history of the products or the way the product is grown. Moreover, each story is supported by a tasty cooking tip.

Using agricultural waste to support a circular economy
It’s no surprise that resources are scarce. Slow Food Netherlands believes that raw materials should be used in a sustainable and smarter way. We have therefore chosen to print the calendarium on paper made of agricultural waste. ​This means that residual material – leftovers after harvesting – such as trunks and leaves of plants, are used as raw material for paper of the calendarium. As such, it gives a second life to great natural material and has a 47 percent less environmental impact than FSC paper from wood fibers and a 29 percent less environmental impact than recycled paper.

Inspiration for the use of local ingrediënts and in-season produce
In short: through the calendarium culinarium Slow Food Netherlands aims to inspire any cook to buy, cook and eat local and seasonal food. As such, we can all protect and preserve biodiversity and culinary variety.

Order here
Members of Slow Food Netherlands received the calendarium for free as a way of saying thanks for their support to Slow Food. Yet, anyone* can order the calendar online. Go to and help us support the consumption of local and seasonal produce!

* ​For international orders, please sent an e-mail to [email protected] as expedition costs may differ.

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