Slow Food Nation International

The new website for Slow Food Nation was launched recently. This event, the biggest celebration ever of American food, will be held in San Francisco from August 29 to September 1. It aims to highlight the close link between what we put on our plates and the health of the planet through a musical festival, workshops, film screenings, dinners, excursions and tours.

Slow Food Nation brings together local citizens and visitors, small farmers and food artisans, political leaders, environmentalists and experts, community educators and artists. Participants will be able to: draw inspiration from the political debate to devise a new, more sustainable food system; taste delicious food in the 20 000 square meter venue; meet small farmers and producers in a part of the market surrounding an urban garden (covering 5000 square meters and recently installed in the town center); learn from experts during lectures and workshops.

A large number of special fringe activities will accompany the event. For example, Larry Martin, leader of the Slow Food Russian River Convivium (Northern California), is organizing a food and wine trail for Slow Food members and convivium leaders to some of the most spectacular locations in California, and sampling the state’s products and gastronomic specialties along the way.

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