Slow Food Heroes: smiles of gratitude

In Jordan during the Coronavirus emergency, many people were suffering due to worsened economic conditions. During this time, Hanadi Adas and the Slow Food Community EVOO decided to step up and distribute basic food and medicine to families living through hard times.

I was born in Amman in 1966 and I’m an agricultural engineer in Nutrition and Food Processing, currently working as Food Safety Manager at the intercontinental Aqaba Resort, in the South of Jordan. I have two sons, both living in Aqaba. 

I started my career as a dietitian in an Amman private hospital and continued with food safety at hotels. Nowadays, I have my own personal online business whose main product is veal beef Pastrami. I’m a member of the Jordanian Olive Oil Women Network and of the Jordanian Slow Food team (EVOO in Jordan Food &Medicine), and with them often I work as food processing trainer for local women in Southern Jordan. We try to empower women’s societies economically, establishing their food small project. 

During the Covid-19 emergency, I worked with the Slow Food team in cities all around Jordan, working on charitable donations

We gathered donations from wealthy families and olive mill owners and distributed basic raw materials and olive oil in small cans for the families who were suffering because of the emergency, who were left without jobs. We visited them monthly and supported them in this way. 

I started working with five members volunteers, then we became ten. We felt happy up to the sky when we saw the smiles of the children and their mothers. I’m proud to say that we’ve achieved great results by improving their living conditions.

I learned from my experience that I should give more to people than I take, giving a hand and helping others as much as I can. As I said before, the smiles I saw on the children’s faces can’t be described, those moments were priceless.

We repeated the initiative also during holy Ramadan. From my side, twice weekly, I prepared cooked meals and distributed for fasting families who couldn’t afford to eat every day. 

Our activities are still going on as the effects of Covid-19 are still impacting many families. Slowly and steadily, we are trying to make their lives better and I know that together we can make a huge difference!


Slow Food Heroes is a project financed by European Cultural Foundation

with the contribution of CRC Foundation.

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