European policies affect us all. Let’s get them right!

Given the growing presence of Slow Food in all European countries, following years of advocacy work targeting European decision makers, efforts were made to increase the impact of our joint work in the region under the coordination of Slow Food Europe. In 2013 Slow Food opened an office in Brussels to strengthen its advocacy work and ever since, it has been at the forefront of the fight for a better food and farming system in the EU.

Slow Food Europe works to present a strong united voice by translating our grassroots actions into policy work and raising up to the European level issues that were until recently dealt with at national or local level.

At the European level, the different elements of the food system continue to be regulated by disconnected policies and authorities, often with contradicting results. Slow Food Europe believes this must change to reflect the overlap between the various aspects of the food system. Slow Food Europe’s firm belief is that a shift towards a EU Common Food Policy is necessary to enable a holistic approach to our food system to include our environment, our health, and our food producers.

A Common Food Policy should align policies on agriculture, rural development, environment, trade, health, animal welfare, fisheries, food safety, and development, among others, and set the direction of travel, bringing together a variety of initiatives and measures under one roof to facilitate the transition to sustainable food systems.

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