Slow Food Area at Expo 2015

On May 1, Gaetano Pascale, President of Slow Food Italy, will open the Slow Food area at Expo 2015, explaining the reasons for our presence at the universal exposition. The Slow Food Pavilion will then be officially inaugurated a few days later in the presence of Slow Food International President Carlo Petrini and Swiss architect Jacques Herzog.


During the six-month event, Expo will be a platform for Slow Food; a space for discussion and critical reflection in an attempt to find concrete solutions for the future of our planet.


Every morning at 11 am, workshops and educational activities will be held in the Slow Food Theater. These activities, targeted at school groups and families, will revolve around some of Slow Food’s main themes, such as bees and the fight against food waste.


Inside the Slow Food area there will be also a space dedicated to the discovery of the diversity of wine and raw-milk cheeses. The world of cheeses offers the perfect example of how plant and animal biodiversity is articulated when transformed into food. 84 different traditional cheeses are set to be offered during the event! 


A garden and an exhibition demonstrating the importance of saving biodiversity, will complete the space…


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Slow Food Theater

Tastings: Slow Cheese and Slow Wine

Exhibition: Discover Biodiversity

Slow Food garden 

A sustainable space


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