Slow Life:  the secret of health and well-being in our daily food. 

A wholesome diet and an active lifestyle are the first form of guarantee of a long, healthy life. And choosing food produced with methods that promote agro-biodiversity and have a low impact on the ongoing climate crisis is the most effective, tangible action each one of us can take to protect the planet.

It is on these principles that the project launched by Slow Food and Reale Mutua at the Terra Madre Salone del Gusto event in 2018 is based. The collaboration has intensified in the course of 2019, with Reale Mutua joining Slow Food Italia’s Official Supporters project and choosing precisely the theme of food and health as the one it wishes to work on and develop with the association.

Food and Health

Collaboration on the theme of food and health is taking shape in a series of informational and awareness-raising activities designed to explain how a diet of good quality food, combined with physical exercise and a proper lifestyle, is vital for our health.
Activities include the development of a special section on the and websites with an overview of theme-related projects launched by the Slow Food network round the world and a series of simple tips on how to improve our well-being, beginning with the food we choose to bring to the table.
The collaboration also embraces Slow Food international events, while a large portion of Reale Mutua’s contribution will go to supporting the association’s work in producing in-depth documents on the relationship between food and health.
The Slow Food network has always been active on matters of food education and taste,” explains Antonio Cherchi of the Slow Food executive committee, “with initiatives all over the world, including activities in school cafeterias and gardens, and campaigns such as Meat the Change and End the Cage Age, to cite the most recent. Our aim is to increase consumer awareness about health-related issues and to change food systems and policies in order to ensure good, clean and fair food for all.”
A proper well-balanced, sustainable diet and physical well-being are primary forms of insurance,” explains Andrea Bertalot, deputy director general of Reale Mutua. “Attention to welfare, health, local areas and, above all, people certainly represent fundamental values for Reale Mutua, values that we share with Slow Food and that from the basis of the partnership agreement we have signed. The collaboration, which will be implemented through initiatives with an impact at local level, is also a positioning vehicle for us to reach out to the network’s members, food producers, livestock farmers, osterias and wine cellars.”

Who Reale Mutua are and what they do

Established in Turin in 1828, Società Reale Mutua di Assicurazioni is Italy’s most important Italian mutual insurance company. It has almost 1.4 million members/policyholders and 355 branches throughout Italy, and its great solidity was demonstrated by a Solvency II equity index, calculated using a partial internal model, of 370.7% at the end of 2018. Springing from its role as a health insurer, its mission is to put members/policyholders at the center of its attention, ensuring them first-rate, secure services through the constant commitment of its competent, professional personnel. Its closeness to its members/policyholders also materializes in its support of projects and initiatives in the fields of sport and culture, and personal, community, social and environmental protection. Sustainability is, in fact, a fundamental value for Reale Mutua, which has always managed its business ethically and transparently.

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