Slow Fish – Salmon Under Threat

“Speaking of Salmon,” a Water Workshop held yesterday at Slow Fish, took a look at the complicated issues surrounding one of the world’s most popular fish.
Following the 2005 edition of Slow Fish, it was decided to suspend the Irish Smoked Wild Atlantic Salmon Presidium, a “painful decision” in the words of Piero Sardo, President of the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity. He recalled how Slow Food has changed in recent years, and as a result how it was impossibile to keep smoked salmon as a presidium – even though it is “one of the finest gastronomic products in all of Europe” – because of the unsustainability of the salmon-fishing industry.
Silvestro Greco, President of the Slow Fish Scientific Committee, said that the resources of our northern seas are suffering, and that it is necessary to find alternatives, while still maintaining traditional processing techniques which must not be lost.

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