‘Slow Fish’ In Genoa

EXCLUSIVE – The major international biennial event ‘Slow Fish’, organized by Slow Food and the Liguria Regional Authority Region, will be held for the third time in Genoa from May 4-7.

Through a packed calendar of lectures, meetings and taste and water workshops attended by academics, researchers, members of fishing communities, representatives of public bodies and enthusiasts, the event presents the world of fish and fishing, warts and all.

Among the topics on the agenda will be environmental sustainability, social fairness, industrial over-fishing, extended distribution areas, the depletion of fish stocks and pollution.

For its part, Slow Food will seek to inform visitors about ecologically sustainable — and replicable — types of fishing and consumption, and will launch a campaign to raise awareness of the need to protect fish biodiversity through responsible consumer behavior.

Awareness, knowledge, education, everyday life: these words encapsulate the essence of Slow Fish 2007, not just a fair but an event that also aims to make people think and become aware of issues relating to the sea, fishing and fish consumption.

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