Slow Fish Caught Online

As part of our campaign for good, clean and fair fish, Slow Food announces the launch of the Slow Fish website in four languages. The website aims to inform people about the situation facing our oceans by collecting and presenting data from leading organizations and scientific institutes around the world. Furthermore, it offers a glimpse into the lives and work of the small-scale fishing communities of the Slow Food Presidia and Terra Madre network, and describes some of the most interesting initiatives organized around the world by Slow Food convivia to promote sustainable fishing and seafood consumption. Finally, it provides suggestions for simple everyday actions through which we can make a difference – whether we are retailers, restauranteurs or consumers – when deciding what fish to buy and cook.

The Slow Fish campaign aims to spread the guidelines and information provided through the international Slow Fish event held every two years in Genoa, to the entire Slow Food community, encouraging convivia and the Terra Madre network to consider these issues in their activities and to practice and promote responsible good, clean and fair choices.

Slow Food would like to invite all of you to visit the site, and to use this information in your personal lives and in organizing initiatives. Let us know what is happening in your area – whether it is a dinner prepared with local sustainable fish, a traditional recipe, a fishing technique worth reviving or an initiative for children – and get in contact if you have any ideas or information to add. 

The Slow Fish campaign has been developed with funding support from the Lighthouse Foundation, a German organization promoting the defense of marine biodiversity.

Visit the Slow Fish website:

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