Sindh Conference Makes Demands

A two-day conference of Sindh peasants workers and fisherfolk in Hyderabad last week concluded with the constitution of a 15-member committee to draw up a plan to protect the rights of workers, peasants and fisherfolk.

The conference asked the Pakistani government to appoint the Sindh Rural Development Authority for the rehabilitation of rural workers and ensuring all facilities to them.

The conference also demanded that government schools and hospitals should be improved and residents of kutchi abadis should be given proprietary rights.

The conference:

– asked the government to ensure the release of 35MAF water downstream Kotri to rehabilitate the Indus Delta and to ban deep sea trawlers and small nets for catching fish;

– demanded that fishermen should be given right to catch fish throughout South Asian waters without any fear of arrest;

– called for registration of all industrial and commercial enterprises and demanded of the government to award exemplary punishment to corrupt officials and extortionists;

demanded that workers should be ensured security of service and that exploitation of female workers should be stopped forthwith.

Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF)

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