SFYN’s Digital World Disco Soup Day a Huge and Inspiring Success

The Slow Food Youth Network’s (SFYN) annual World Disco Soup Day (WDSD) took place last Saturday, April 25th – in a totally different but equally inspiring way!

The last-minute adaptation to be an all-online, in-isolation event caught the attention and creativity of an incredible number of people this past Saturday, with hundreds of hosts across six continents sharing live social media and video feeds to several thousand of people who checked in on the official WDSD page or followed on social accounts across the globe.

There was an amazing amount of warmth and love coming not only from the delicious soups made from rescued food, but also from the inspiring words of inspiration, support, and solidarity that were shared. Keep an eye out for more material and impact data coming soon!

Enjoy some tasty and colorful moments from Digital World Disco Soup Day!

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