SFYN podcast series: Exploring Ecosystems

Within the framework of Terra Madre 2020, we decided to develop a SFYN Podcast series dedicated to different ecosystems. Each ecosystem was paired with a specific sub-thematic that was particularly relevant for it. For example, how can arid lands be an example for regenerative practices or how can gastronomy be a tool to preserve biodiversity in urban lands?  

This podcast series is also particularly interesting from the sound point of view: one of our goals was to make sure the listeners would immerse themselves into those different ecosystems and varied cultures. Therefore the voices of the speakers are alternated by natural sounds and traditional music.

“Terra Madre Podcast is a journey through ecosystems linked to cultures, traditions, issues, identities and from my perspective, diverse music.” Leonardo Prieto Dorantes, music producer and editor of the podcast series.


Haven’t you listened to the Terra Madre Ecosystems series yet?

Here is the list of all the episodes with their links. You can find the SFYN Podcast on all the podcasting platforms. 

A special thanks to the hosts, volunteers and musicians that supported the project.

Hosts: Kumud Dadlani, Sara El-Sayed, Lapo Degli Innocenti, Mélanie Antin, Ana Silvia García Castellanos.

Musicians: Philip Kukulies, Fernanda Cabral, Agustín Fernández, Paul Valdivia, the Acoustic ecology lab, Tres Rios and Son de Aquí. 

Volunteers: Anna Elovitz, Jordan Sene, Katherine Blessington and Madison Harris.

And all the special guests we have interviewed! 

Do you have any questions or suggestions regarding the SFYN Podcast? Reach out to [email protected] 

by Valentina Gritti

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