SFYN Podcast: Forest Peoples and Land Rights

The indigenous population doesn’t destroy, we’re only looking for conservation, the preservation of the environment. Indigenous people are the biggest protectors of the Earth. We’re the greatest defenders of nature, of animals, of biodiversity, of the waters… — Murilo Juruna

Today the SFYN podcast dedicated to Terra Madre 2020 kicks off its journey of ecosystem exploration with an episode dedicated to forests and in particular to forest peoples and land rights.

The urgency of this particular episode is due to the following target set by the convention on Biological diversity in the ‘ZERO-DRAFT’ GLOBAL BIODIVERSITY FRAMEWORK:

By 2030, protect and conserve through a well connected and effective system of protected areas and other effective area-based conservation measures at least 30% of the planet with the focus on areas particularly important for biodiversity”: in other words, the Convention aims to increase the amount of our planet treated as “natural reserves” from the current 17% to 30%, almost doubling the total area.

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