Royal Reception

Slow Food UK were honored to hold a reception hosted by The Prince of Wales at Highgrove in Gloucestershire last month, with an event that included a tour of the property’s organic gardens, and a chance for Slow Food members from across the country to speak with Prince Charles and Slow Food’s president and founder Carlo Petrini.

During his speech at the reception His Royal Highness said: “The point about the Slow Food movement is reminding people about the enjoyment of proper food and how it is all linked to the management of the landscape and the countryside with all the intimate connections between food production and culture. I admire hugely what the Slow Food movement is doing.” 

The 150 guests included many of Slow Food UK’s supporters as well as partner organizations and chefs and representatives from the network of convivia, local Slow Food groups across the country.

The local leader of Slow Food Liverpool Trine Hughes attended the event, and had the chance to speak about the work being done by this convivium. “Prince Charles was very keen to hear about Liverpool,” she said. “He was asking me all about the work we’ve been doing in Anfield and Toxteth. He’s a real farmer – he was pioneering organic farming years ago and he really wanted to know what we’re doing and how it’s being received.”

Trine explained that members come together to meet and look at ways of promoting Slow Food, learn more about producers and chefs in the area, and of course enjoy eating and drinking. “We try and keep a real balance. There are formal events with sit down meals, but also we have a lot of free picnics where everyone brings food to share. A big part of this is about working with community groups and we’re also working on projects in Anfield to support community groups to grow fruit and vegetables in their streets. We’ve had so much support at every turn.”

Click here to view a video of Prince Charles’s speech on the day.

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