Prichindeii savureaza!

A campaign to build healthier and more sustainable lifestyles was launched in Romania earlier this month by a group of organizations, including Slow Food, who will work with young children in the city of Brasov and involve parents, educators, hypermarkets, local producers and the wider community in activities to change behavior.

Called “Prichindeii savureaza!”, the campaign has been launched with a pilot project run by the Eurocarta Association and implemented in cooperation with Slow Food International and the local Slow Food Bran Moiecu Convivium, Hornbach hypermarkets and the Association of Educators in Romania.

The campaign will focus on building links and cooperation in the community by involving children, parents, educators, hypermarkets and others in various activities and education campaigns, all focused on positive outcomes for a healthy environment.

One of the first issues to be promoted is re-useable shopping bags – to cut down on plastic waste and emphasize the influence each community member has on the local environment. Children from the Kindergarten Junior No. 26, Brasov celebrated National Children’s Day on June 1 with various activities including decorating their own ecological shopping bag and the bags will be further distributed in Hornbach hypermarket.

Following this, an exhibition depicting the launch of the project, as well as explaining taste education and Slow Food’s philosophy, opened in the hypermakret on June 11. Other activities to be launched from September include taste education workshops, visits to local producers and child-parent cooking sessions.

The reach and impact of the project will grow through developing the network of partners among local producers, hypermarkets and companies, and by gradually involving more and more kindergartens from Brasov city.

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