With the accession of Gilgil, the Earth Markets network in Kenya reaches three!

From November 30, every second and fourth Saturday of the month at Langa Langa Shopping Centre

The network of Earth Markets—farmers’ markets that follow Slow Food principles—continues to expand in Kenya. After the Molo and Nakuru Earth Markets, now Gilgil Earth Market joins the Slow Food network bringing the total number of markets in the country to three, and 90 worldwide.

The Gilgil Slow Food Earth Market is located in Gilgil Sub-County at Langa Langa Centre.

Langa Langa is a centre in Murindat ward in Gilgil Sub-County, in Nakuru County. It was named Langa Langa by the Maasai people and is located approximately 7 km from Gilgil town and west of Langa Langa river.

Langa Langa is an agricultural centre that has grown with time due to increased agricultural activities in the area.  The centre’s population has grown considerably since 2007 as many of the internally displaced people fleeing post-election violence after the 2007 presidential election opted to settle in this area. These populations have significantly expanded the farming activities in the centre’s outskirts. Langa Langa is home to Gilgil Barracks that have also contributed to the growth of this shopping centre and the whole area generally.

“We are really delighted that we are launching Earth Market Gilgil. It is a rare moment for the Slow Food Gardens’ producers (Gilgil Community Garden and Gilgil Township Community Garden) and smallholder farmers from like-minded organizations to offer the locals a taste of our fresh produce with a history behind of agro-ecology principles and good agricultural practices” says Beatrice Wangui, the chairperson to Slow Food Earth Market Gilgil community. “We have relied on middlemen for far too long, they have benefitted at our expense and now it is our time to shine and bring the difference; guaranteeing the clients availability of good, clean and fair food.”

Slow Food Kenya involved different stakeholders in the organization of the Gilgil Earth Market who support Agro-ecology work in the region, such as Seed Savers Network Kenya (SSN), Kenya Organic Agriculture Network (KOAN), Bio Vision Africa Trust (BvAT), PELUM Kenya, Anglican Development Service (ADS), Kenya Youth Biodiversity Network (KYBN), PercMacks company, Kenya biologicals, Gilgil Sub-County authority in charge of Trade and the Ministry of Agriculture.

The initiative has been possible thanks to Agro-Ecology Fund under the project Foster community-led initiatives in East Africa by enhancing agro-ecological productions and market access in response to the global crisis.

Slow Food Earth Market Gilgil will be operated and managed by the producers themselves. Dialogues, exchanges and sharing of information will be the order of the day of this market, no middlemen will be involved, and of course selling and buying of fresh, healthy and diverse produce. Traceability of the produce will be taken seriously through peer checks among fellow producers, impromptu visits to producers’ farms and using other mechanisms such as use of receipts having producers codes to ensure direct trace to the seller/offender in case of any non-compliance. Moreover, Ark of Taste products, Slow Food Presidia products as well as other indigenous and local products will be present in this market. Gardens/farm tours will also be conducted to interested clients.


Program of the November 30 inauguration:

10am- 11.30amShowcasing, exchanging information, buying and selling activities

1.     Chairperson of EM-Beatrice Wangui

2.     Percymacks company- Percy Njeri

3.     Kenya Biologicals- Madam Judy

4.     Saidia- Eva Namlaku

5.     KENAFF- Roda Kilonzi

6.     KYBN- Geofrey Mbugua

7.     Bvat- Peter Murage

8.     Seed savers network Kenya

9.     Pelum Kenya- Bethsheba Ratemo

10.  MOALF- Sharon Naserian

11.  Slow Food Kenya- John Kariuki

12.  Ward Admin-  Ms Mary Gicheru Gachoki

12.30-12.45pmOfficial Launch of Slow Food Earth Market Gilgil
12.45-2.00pmCooking demos_indigenous vegetables
12.45- 17.00pmMarket activities to continue
17.00pm Closure



The market will feature 24 exhibitors, belonging to Slow Food Gilgil Convivium as well as Slow Food Communities like Belakom Slow Food community:


 NameLocationProductsArk of Taste
1Beatrice WanguiLanga LangaBlack nightshade, spider plant, Russian comfrey, Pumpkins, kales, spinach, amaranth sunflowers, potatoes 


Black nightshade,


2Harrison MwangiLanga LangaPumpkins, tomatoes, onions 
3David MainaEburruOnions, tomatoes, kales, amaranth. spinachAmaranth
4James KalibaSongoroikales, spinach, amaranthAmaranth
5Pricilla njeriKarungaSpinach, Carrots, potatoes, bell peppers and cabbages 
6Margret wambuiLeleswaKales and spinach 
7Beatrice MumbiKasamabaraBlack nightshade, amaranthBlack nightshade and Amaranth
8Lucy WanjiruKikopeyBlack nightshade, spider plantBlack nightshade (managu)
9Beth WangariLanga LangaRussian comfrey, mint, pumpkin leaves 
10Pauline NjeriLanga LangaOnions, lemon grass, rosemary 
11Peter MurageDundoriKales and spinach 
12Teresia Wambui 

Langa Langa

Spring Onions, kales, russian comfrey 
13Mary NyokabiLanga LangaBlack nightshade

passion fruits, eggs-for free ranged chicken

Black nightshade (managu)
14John KamaukarungaCarrots, peas, Bell pepper 
15Wilson Mukuha Eggs-for free ranged chicken 
16.Peris KaribaLeleshwaCassava, yamsCassava and cassava
17Catherine Wangui Cassava cuttings, sweet potatoes vines 
18Mr.NjengaMbegiSweet potatoes, spring onions, kales and spinachSweet potatoes
19Lydia NgigiKikopeyYams, cassava cuttingsYams
20Ann WambuiDiatomiteSpring Onions, sugar cane, kales cuttings 
`21Patricia MwangiGitareeggs-for free ranged chicken, Ovacados 
22Stephen MuturiKigogoSpring Onions , thorny melons 
22James IrunguKigogoAmarath, black nightshade 
23Jane MuthoniGitareOnions, broad beans 
24Margret WangariKikopeySpinach and kales, Russian comfrey, onions 



Beatrice Wangui

Tel +254719100913/ +254712843776/+254725019966

E-mail: [email protected]



Slow Food International Press Office

Paola Nano – [email protected] (+39) 329 8321285

Alessia Pautasso – [email protected] (+39) 342 8641029



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