The fishermen of the Slow Food Presidium “Prud’homies of the Mediterranean” (fishing collectives) are protagonists of the Resilience Fund project

Supported by FPT Industrial, this initiative is designed by Slow Food to promote collective projects with a strong social and sustainable footprint, helping them to develop their potential to transform the food system

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Monday, December 14th, at 12 pm
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The fishermen who are part of the Slow Food Presidium “Prud’homies of the Mediterranean”, represent a collective system of food production that perfectly combines the fundamental principles of Slow Food. Their business tells us about a new way of looking at our food and the way we produce, transform and distribute it.

It is a model that is even more important today, at a time when we need to rethink our entire society in order to face the new challenges that the pandemic has posed us, as well as face old challenges that have been greatly amplified by the virus. There is a need for change, and we need working models to be inspired by. Slow Food has chosen the “Prud’homies of the Mediterranean” as one of these models and, with the help of FPT Industrial, has decided to fund the next actions of this collective group, to accelerate the innovative process that it is being carried out.

Another initiative which has been chosen and launched by Slow Food, once again with the support of FPT Industrial, concerns the creation of a food forest in Sicily, on land confiscated from the Mafia and with the involvement of disadvantaged individuals: this project involves two cooperatives, Valdibella and NoE.

To get to know the fishermen of the presidium “Prud’homies of the Mediterranean” and the project funded by FPT Industrial through the Resilience Fund of Slow Food, we invite you to join us at, on Monday, December14th, 2020 at 12pm.

From the ports of Port de Saint Mandrier and Saint Elme, we will be hosting:

  • Didier Ranc, Patron Fisherman of the Prud’homie of Seyne sur Mer – Saint Mandrier
  • Elisabeth Tempier, journalist from Ink de Mer
  • Thierry Raut, Patron Fisherman of the Prud’homie of Seyne sur Mer – Saint Mandrier
  • Paula Barbeito, Coordinator of the Slow Fish campaign
  • Daniela Ropolo, Head of Sustainable Initiatives at CNH Industrial

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For more informations:

Slow Food International Press Office
Paola Nano – [email protected] (+39) 329 8321285
Gioia Baggio – [email protected] (+39) 349 9549799


Slow Food is a worldwide network of local communities founded in 1989 in order to counteract the disappearance of local food traditions and the spread of fast food culture. Since then, Slow Food has grown to become a global movement that involves millions of people in more than 160 countries and works so that we can all have access to good, clean and fair food.

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